Group training sessions hold advantages for trainer and clients There are many benefits for clients in a group personal training session:
• Financial savings: Is a big factor and allows a member to train.
• Camaraderie: Is a strong motivation as having a friend, spouse or fellow member to workout with can be fun and competitive, making your workout more like a social event.
We always try and match people with similar fitness levels, when that is not possible our training coaches use a superset technique that allows people with different levels of fitness to train with the personal training coach safely. Another way we institute personal training with several people is by doing weight room intervals. Using a step bench, resistance ball, or other piece of equipment aerobically we are able to alternate a machine resistance exercise with an aerobic exercise. An example of combining aerobics and strength training to build endurance is having one client do leg extensions while another does an alternating basic pattern on a nearby step bench. After the first client finishes 10 or 12 repetitions on the machine, they switch stations. The personal training coach can adjust strength levels of the clients easily on the resistance equipment, and aerobic levels can be adjusted by speed and step height. Group personal training sessions are no different from one-on-one sessions, except they are done with two to four people. If you have always wanted to train with a personal training coach but have found the cost a bit out of your reach consider having a personal training coach and be part of a personal training group. You will find yourself having a lot more fun and getting twice the results. Please refer to the Affordable Pricing section for the special buddy workout price.
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