But first let’s talk about being fit…Yes being fit is a good thing, let’s take a look at some of the wonderful benefits of being fit will provides you.

• Improvement in cardiovascular function (heart and lungs)
• Lowers your blood pressure
• Increased HDL (good cholesterol)
• Reduced body fat and improved weight control
• Enhanced work, recreation and sport performance
• Reduce depression and anxiety
• Improves strength
• Improves balance
• Improves range of motion and flexibility


Member Question:
How many times per week and for how long should I workout?


Tiger Answer:
Good question, I recommend for the person wanting to get in shape and lose weight to train no less than 2-3 times per week for 45 minutes to one hour each workout. If you have worked out before and are in good shape and want faster results you can train 4-5 times per week, but no more than 1 hour per workout.


Member Question:
Tiger, I am a women in my late 30s and need to lose about 20 pounds. My under arms has gotten very flabby as my inter thigh area, what should I do?


Tiger Answer:
You need to put aside at least 3-4 times per week for your fitness workouts at the gym. You should cross train meaning 50% cardio and 50% of your workout with weight training. The cardio workout will help burn calories and give you heart health benefits. Don’t neglect weight training on the machines and free weights. Moderate weight training will do wonders for your under arms (triceps) and your inner thighs. Your diet is also important as you need to cut down on the amount of calories consumed. Try to and eat little protein.


Member Question:
There are so many different diets to chose from, how do you know which one works best?


Tiger Answer:
There are many different diets to chose from and it seems like a new one comes out every day. The truth is ” Diets do not work”. What does work is food control, eating less at each meal and more often. One, it helps speed up metabolism which enables the rate of food burning to increase and will help burn excess body fat. Two it helps to keep your blood sugar level so you maintain a consistant level of energy all day long.


Member Question:
My husband and I just started working out at the Zoo Health Club here in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. We have never been to a gym before and don’t know where to start. Can you give us a few tips?


Tiger Answer:
Hello, I understand how you feel, I remember how I felt the first time I stepped into a gym as I didn’t know where to start either. Of course that was many years ago… So here are your workout tips…Good Luck! First, remember to start slow. Start off with the resistance machines doing two to three exercises per body part. You can start off with just one set of 10 repetitions on each machine. Each week add another set until you reach 3 sets of each exercise doing 10-12 repetitions. Make sure that you combine this with cardio. Use the treadmill or other cardio equipment. Your workout should be 3 times per week, work out one day and rest the next. Split your workout into equal time on the cardio and resistance equipment. Your workouts should last about an hour. You might want to start your cardio workout first and than finish with your resistance equipment . This will warm and loosen your body up first. You might consider using a personal trainer for a few sessions if you need help on learning how to use the Machines.


Member Question:
Tiger I have been working out for awhile and am in pretty good shape. Although I am not interested in becoming a muscle man I am interested in progressing to the next level. I have been working out three days per week working body parts, do you have any tips for me?


Tiger Answer:
Sounds like your doing great with your fitness program. It’s time for you to start splitting up your routine. Rather than working all your body parts three days per week start working just 2-3 body parts per workout. Increase your sets and exercises per muscle group so you are doing 10-12 total sets for each. You might select three different exercises per body part and work 4-5 sets of each. Not only will you see a great improvement, but you will enjoy your workouts more.


Do you have questions for Tiger? Just fill out form below, your questions and Tiger will get them answered as soon as possible. They will appear in the ask Tiger member section.

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