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Organic whey protein is trending right now. Haven’t you seen the Instagram feeds and YouTube videos. If you haven’t I suggest you take a look? The premise is that organic whey protein is better than regular whey, but is that really true? I went digging around the trenches of the web to prove the science behind the label. And let me just say you’ll be surprised by the outcome.

I’m a fan of whey protein. The taste might not be the reason I wake up in the morning but the benefits make it worthwhile. So I was intrigued by the fact that my regular whey might not be that regular after all. Let’s take a look.

Regular Whey Protein vs Organic Whey Protein

The battle on whether organic whey is better than regular whey has begun and we’re here to find out who’s taking home the crown.

Round One: Natural Goodness

In order to compare the two you have to understand what regular whey protein contains. Whey comes from milk in case you didn’t know. The milk that regular whey powder comes from is filled with antibiotics known as rBGH as well as hormones and even pesticides. Organic whey powder comes from “grass fed” FDA organic certified milk.

Round Two: Ethical Practices

Cows that produce the milk you’ll find in regular whey protein aren’t kept in the best conditions. In the US these cows are held in CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) with very little freedom. These conditions are actually appalling as one CAFO could be home to 30 000 cows. This is definitely part of the reason organic is preferred to the generic stuff as the cows that produce the milk are allowed more freedom and at least 30% of their diet comes from grass. Hence grass fed.

Round Three: The Science

This has to be the biggest reason why you would consider making the switch. Do any of those nasty hormones, pesticides and other nasty junk make it into your whey? No way! The entire processing of whey powder (where it’s isolated from everything else in the milk) makes it really difficult, nearly impossible to get any of that stuff in your shake. So you’re safe.

Fork Out The Cash or Ditch The Price Tag?

Now that we know the facts let take a look at the price tag.
A pound of organic whey protein can cost $20, whereas you could get regular protein powder from a brand like Optimum for $13. That’s a major price difference and if you’re gobbling down protein as part of your pre or post work out diet you’re going to feel the pinch. Of course if you want to be that guy in the gym bragging about his “organic” lifestyle and how environmentally friendly he is then… What’s $7 compared to perpetual bragging rights… Right?

You Be The Judge

My conclusion is simple: If you’re judging with your wallet regular protein powder will do- but if you’re judging with your heart definitely go organic.

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