7 Simple Tips To Eat Clean and Stay Fit For The 4th of July

Zoo Gym wants to help you make this 4th of July a weight loss and healthy one while still having the celebration feel

Tip #1

What are most of us going to do on 4th of July? It’s summer

Yup you got it! You’re going to grill!

So try to eat food that has been grilled.

The fat would have dripped off and it will be very tasty.

Tip #2

Load up of frozen veggies!

Frozen veggies are usually crunchy veggies like bell peppers, cauliflowers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, etc.

Get a big bag of it. Why?

Because you get a bowl you would eat from, you put the frozen veggies in it, go to the grill and plop them on there.

If you want to fancy it up a bit, brush the veggies with olive oil then put it on the grill.

Then get course HImalayan or Celtic Sea salt or if you can’t get either of those, get course Kosher sea salt and sprinkle it on the veggies after you brush them with oil and they are on the grill.

When you see a few grill lines, take it off.

Tip #3

You’re going to have family and friends so there are going to be bad starches all around. Lots of white breads, buns, cakes…

Have a stock of clean starches ready for yourself or bring them to the party.

Get baked potatoes to replace fries, sprouted grain buns to replace white bread buns and have dijon mustard to replace mayonnaise.

Tip #4


You’re going to be outside. It’s summer. Hydrate all day and stay cool. Dehydration creates an illusion of hunger.

alsancak escortDrink cool water all day.

While you’re at it get some salt and potassium tablets because when you sweat and overheat those are the two minerals you lose that make you feel tired.

Tip #5

Don’t skip your workout! Just because it’s a holiday it’s no reason not to work out. Plan for 20-30 minutes of HIIT exercise each day, so you don’t lose all the momentum you’ve built up over the week. Or do some fun California summertime activity, like hiking, biking, swimming or running on the beach!
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Tip #6
Remember you can have a cheat meal, and it’s a holiday so pick a fun party or meal to have whatever you want. Remember, it’s one cheat meal though, not the entire day!!!

Tips #7

Take it easy on the alcohol. Alcohol is the equivalent of eating desert. It is pure sugar. It is one of those foods that are never counted in your food diary and you wonder why you can’t lose weight.

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