6 Fat Loss Tips

Looking to shed some fat? On this page The Zoo Health Club will share with you fat loss tips to help you get rid of your fat! There is no miracle tip that will help you lose all of your fat with no effort, but if you work hard and follow the tips below it really isn’t too hard to lose a couple pounds of fat per week.

Fat Loss Tip #1 – Manage Your Diet Your diet is the most important factor when trying to lose fat. No matter how hard you workout, it won’t matter if you have a poor diet. Following a strict diet can be hard, but once you get into the rhythm you will find it gets easier and easier (especially once you start shedding some pounds). You won’t have to cut carbs out of your diet entirely, but you will need to stay away from simple carbs. Many resources will state whole wheat grains as a good carb source, but I would stay away from bread as much as possible when trying to cut fat. Include lots of protein in your diet – ex. chicken, fish, eggs, nuts. And be sure you include fats (healthy fats) such as natural peanut butter and almonds. Another tip we have for you is to record all of your meals daily in a diary – trust me, this will help you eat healthy throughout the week and only takes a few seconds after eating a meal.

Fat Loss Tip #2 – Pick a Cheat Day 95% of your meals during the week should be strict to your diet, but allow yourself to go outside of your diet 5% of the time. This will help you from going insane and can actually be productive in helping you loss fat by tricking your body. You can do this however you want – I like to make Sunday’s my “cheat day” and eat very strict Monday-Saturday.

Fat Loss Tip #3 – Drink Water, and Lots of it Drink 8-10+ glasses of water per day, and try to almost only drink water. If you are currently drinking fruit juice or pop all day you are adding a ton of unnecessary bad calories to your diet every day. Get used to drinking water.

Fat Loss Tip #4 – Cut Out Alcohol Alcohol is one of he worst things to consume when trying to loss fat. If you are serious about loosing your fat you will need to cut alcohol drinks out of your diet. Of course you don’t need to stop drinking alcohol entirely, but cut down on alcoholic drinks hard!

Fat Loss Tip #5 – Lift Weights! Many people who are trying to lose fat make the mistake of only doing cardio. Weight lifting is a great way to burn calories and fat. Use free weights for the most part, and try circuits, supersets and higher reps.

Fat Loss Tip #6 – Interval Cardio Training Instead of jogging for 40 minutes try doing high intensity interval training. This involves short spurts of high intensity movements (sprinting) followed by an interval of lower intensity movements (light jog). Try alternating sprinting for 30 seconds and jogging for 1 min for 15 minutes and see how that compares to the normal 40 minutes of slow cardio.

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