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Group Fitness Instructors

Lisa Torkelson, Zoo Health Club, Group Fitness Trainer Group Fitness Director Lisa has always had a competitive nature, enjoying exercise, fitness and pushing herself to her limit. Growing up in South Dakota, Lisa swam competitively and enjoyed downhill skiing, tennis and softball. After graduating from college, with an advertising/communications degree, Lisa started her professional career in marketing and public relations, working in a corporate setting for high profile profit and non-profit companies. After moving to Florida, ten years ago, Lisa’s interests turned back to fitness when she became a certified personal trainer. Her interest in wellness and fitness expanded to the group fitness field and she began teaching and personal training at several gyms in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Lisa began teaching group fitness classes at The Zoo Health Club (formerly Gold’s Gym) three years ago and has been Group Fitness Director for a year. Lisa holds certifications as an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, MAD Dogg Athletics Spinning Instructor, Keiser Cycling Instructor and as a NFPT Personal Trainer. Her philosophy is that exercise should be both beneficial and fun, believing that, exercise is the fountain of youth and that it makes one look and feel terrific. Lisa’s passion and commitment are evident in her training and classes.

Motivated by his best friend and mother (r.i.p) to be more involved in the health industry, Anthony became a certified personal trainer in 2009. Anthony has been in membership sales through most of his career passing on his health and fitness knowledge to each new member. Always looking for ways to share his knowledge and his love for fitness, Anthony became a group fitness instructor. Now he’s enjoying the best of both worlds. His discipline and experience go back to his high school days as a duel sport athlete in football and basketball. Anthony is here to help you reach all your fitness goals no matter your fitness level. See you in class!
Emily began teaching in January of 2008 at the University of Central Florida and has since helped students at various fitness levels reach their maximum fitness potentials. Emily has a passion for health and fitness that she loves to share with others. She is certified through AFAA and Mad Dogg Athletics and teaches a variety of different formats including Spinning, Kickboxing, Step Aerobics, Zumba, Boot Camps and resistance training. Emily hopes to inspire students to pursue a healthy lifestyle and learn to enjoy working out.
Jason has been involved in sports and fitness for many years. He gained great knowledge of weight training at an early age from his father whom is a personal trainer and gym owner in Atlanta. He took his love and passion for athletics to the collegiate level where he played football for The Florida State University. Tallahassee is where Jason gained his hard work ethic and devotion to helping others achieve their fitness goals. Jason began his personal training experience by training his peers, classmates, and teammates. His dedication and love for personal training has made a significant difference in his client’s lives. Jason excels in a variety of areas including: Weight loss, muscle/mass building, body tone, and agility/speed training.
After spending four months of 2000 in Germany, Valerie brought back a new outlook on life and more than a few extra pounds. Thus began her new relationship with fitness. She started with running, which, at first, seemed an impossible task. Within a year, she ran her first 5K, which was quite an accomplishment since she had never done anything athletic in her life! A 5K per weekend became the routine and eventually she started participating in an outdoor boot-camp style class five times per week. Fitness became her passion and after many years of enjoying the benefits, she decided to help others and become a group fitness instructor through AFAA. So with several half-marathons behind her, smiling faces looking back at her in each class she teaches and the desire to learn more about fitness, she greets each day with that same new outlook on life!
Susan began her yoga journey 10 years ago and immediately felt the connection. She is certified in three styles: Sivananda, Vinyasa and Prana Flow, allowing her to lovingly challenge her students through creative flow. Blessed to have studied with many amazing teachers, it was at a workshop she attended in 2005 with Twee Merrigan that she first discovered Prana Flow. This ultimately led her to California for a summer immersion with Prana Flow founder Shiva Rea. The immersion not only changed her practice but also changed her life. Susan firmly believes that when you learn to flow on the mat, you learn to flow with the magic in your life. Her intention is to meet and nurture the needs of her students while expressing gratitude toward the source.
Robert has been teaching group exercise since 1994. He trained with the originator of step, Gin Miller, and his first teaching job was at Jack Lalanne in New York City. He taught in New York City for 8 years at various gyms. He moved to Maine in 1999 where he taught at two high-end gyms. In 2003 he moved to Ft Lauderdale, and has developed a large following for his classes. His specialty remains step, but he also teaches body-conditioning classes with a focus on core training and stability. Over the years he has incorporated dance moves and advanced choreography into his step classes to keep them interesting, which help challenge the brain as well as the body, to keep both in top shape.
Courtenay has been actively involved in sports and fitness since an early age. After graduating from Florida State University Courtenay spent several years working in the corporate setting. But her passion was always in fitness. Growing up as a competitive athlete she missed the feeling of applying athletics to everyday life and how it really can improve your daily life. Courtenay is a certified Personal Trainer that divides her time professionally between teaching small fitness classes, personal training and nutritional counseling. Personally when Courtenay is not training, you can find her doing something active with her husband and kids, Camryn and Dylan.
Aylim Ramirez was born in Bogota, Colombia. She moved to the United States at a young age. She currently resides in Pompano Beach, Florida. Growing up in South America, Aylim was trained in various styles of dance such as Ballet, Flamenco, Jazz, Tap, Belly, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and more recently Zumba. Aylim is now pursuing her passion as a certified Zumba instructor. She teaches one on one classes as well as group classes. She choreographs her own dance moves that constantly change with flare, intensity and intricate movements that keep the body sweating and blood flowing for a great workout. Aylim is also a daily runner. She is dedicated to fitness in all aspects.
Alex was born in Mexico City in 1972 where he grew up in a boxing family. When Alex was 11 years old he moved to the U.S and started boxing at the age of 13 and had over 50 amateur fights by the age of 17. Alex moved to South Florida 10 years ago and continued learning under a local boxing trainer and he has been training fighters ever since. Alex received his trainers certification from USA boxing a few years ago and has worked many fights at the pro and amateur level here in South Florida with different gyms. Boxing is his love and passion. Alex has been teaching at The Zoo (formerly Gold’s Gym) for over a year now. Alex enjoys teaching boxing to people of all ages and skill level. His class is open to those who have never boxed before, whether your boxing for fitness or because you would like to box on a competitive level, Alex encourages you to try his class.
Myra Sullivan has been an Indoor Cycle Instructor for the last 13 years. She became interested in cycling when she and her husband decided to try a Back Roads Bicycle Tour through the Gulf Islands of Vancouver. They decided to try indoor cycling and took a spinning class and were immediately hooked. Myra enjoys good music and a fast pace, as well as hill climbing, so Indoor Cycle was a natural fit for her. Myra has been exercising in a group fitness class setting for as long as she can remember and hopes her love and enthusiasm for the sport comes shining through. Being a Cancer Epidemiologist, Myra knows the importance of exercise and healthy eating and tries to convey this to her classes through education and instruction.
Shelby is an Exercise Physiologist with over 18 years of experience teaching all over the world! Shelby has taught at renowned health spas, such as Canyon Ranch and she has travelled abroad for eight years teaching for Princess Cruises. Shelby now resides in Florida and is happy to be sharing her passion for fitness with all of you fabulous Floridians! Shelby is certified in the following fitness programs ACSM, Spinning, ZUMBA, Flirty Girl Fitness, Mat and Reformer Pilates, Yoga, AFAA Kick Boxing, Aqua Aerobics and so much more! When you come to Shelby’s classes she plans to stimulate your body as well as your mind. See you soon!
Lindy started her professional life in a very unusual career for women. After Graduation from the California State University Maritime, Lindy became one of the first women officers in the United States Merchant Marine where she was the navigation officer on supertankers in the Valdez Alaska trade. Lindy decided to put her sea going career on hold, when she became a mom. Lindy had always had a love for fitness and soon discovered that she could balance teaching aerobics classes around caring for her small child. For seven years Lindy taught Jazzercise and Dancergetics. When her daughter was older she decided to go back to work full-time but Lindy never forgot her love of fitness and participated and taught as often as she could. When Lindy moved to Fort Lauderdale in 2009 she had the intension of just relaxing and being an aerobics class participant. However, that did not last long, Lindy decided that she needed to teach the class. Lindy has 15 years experience in the fitness industry and is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Susan is a seasoned Fitness Professional with over 18 years experience in the fitness industry. She holds certifications in Aerobics, Rebok Step Aerobics, Cycle Rebok, Kieser Indoor Cycling, YMCA’s Pre-natal Fitness, YMCA’s Water Aerobics and is a certified Power Pilates instructor. She teaches locally, in Fort Lauderdale and has also taught in New York City and internationally in Quito, Ecuador. She is also an accomplished Human Resources and Organizational Development professional who’s focus over the last 20 years has been designing and delivering Human Resources solutions to both individuals and corporations in Latin America. She has a BA in Liberal Arts from Seton Hill College and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from Nova Southeastern University and is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). Susan enjoys fitness, travel and spending time with her husband Jack and their two daughters; Emma, 14 and Gracie, 8.
Born in Colombia (South America), Zumba instructor Francisco Andrade comes from a family of salsa artists including musicians, singers and dancers where the culture of Latin music has been an important part of their lives from generation to generation. In his native city (Cali, Colombia), salsa music runs through people’s veins and nowadays it represents the signature element of their identity. Francisco has always been involved in sports; he swam for 10 years representing his state and country in several competitions. Today, these two elements, Latin music and sports, are the perfect combination in Francisco’s role as a Zumba instructor. At the age of 18, Francisco entered architectural school and graduated with honors at the age of 23. Architectural design has been his biggest passion and his most beloved way to express his artistic skills and be of service for the community through his profession. Francisco came into the fitness world motivated by his very best friend Maria Browning who actually is a recognized Zumba Educational Specialist. He attended Maria Browning’s Zumba training in Maryland back in 2009 and got certified to teach Zumba Basic. After a year break due to a diagnosis of cancer followed by the required treatment to fight this illness, Francisco got re-certified to teach Zumba Basic and Zumba Gold and became a member of the Zumba Instructors Network during the summer of 2011. With the joy and gratitude that he feels as a cancer survivor, Francisco assures that he feels blessed for having the wonderful opportunity of teaching Zumba and embracing mutual happiness with his students by sharing with them this wonderful and fulfilling experience he describes as a ´real party¡. He says that It’s all about having fun, loving and self-validating ourselves through this amazing combination “dance-fitness” that allows us to heal in body, mind, and spirit.



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